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Take a Sieve and stick into the outside of the rim the open points of a pair of scissors, and having rested the rings of the said opened scissors on the thumb-nails of two persons, let one of them say the following Prayer:--
Let him or her pronounce aloud the names and surnames of all the persons who may be suspected of having stolen the things in question, saying:--
'By Saint Peter and Saint Paul, such a person hath done this thing.'
And let the other reply
'By Saint Peter and Saint Paul, he (or she) hath done it.'
Let this be repeated thrice for each person named and suspected, and it is certain that on naming the person who hath committed the theft or done the crime, the sieve will turn of itself without its being able to stop it, and by this thou shalt know the evil doer.


Sit quietly in a darkened room, lit by a candle which is out of your sight. Look into the ball. Allow your eyes to relax and become slightly unfocussed. After a little while you should see a mist or smoke forming in the crystal. Let this mist grow and fill the ball, then visualise it gradually clearing to reveal images within the crystal.
The images you see might not be what you expected. That's OK, don't fight them. Your subconscious mind knows what information you need. Just let the images flow, changing and taking you wherever they choose to go.
Once the crystall ball has shown you all the images you need, they will begin to fade. Don't just stop the session suddenly, instead reverse the process you used at the beginning. Visualise the mists coming back and covering the images, then receding to return the ball to its natural state.



Witch bottles can be made of glass, pottery or iron. To protect from witchcraft they should be buried close to the front door.
To discover a witch they are placed on a fire.
The bottle represents the witches bladder.
Put bent nails, pins, thorns or any sharp objects in the bottle and add your clients urine. Hair and/or nail clippings can also be added.
Burying the bottle in the garden will cause pain to anyone attempting to place a curse.
If your client is already bewitched then place the bottle on the fire, this will cause the witch intense pain until the spell is lifted.
There are reports of witches dying if the bottle explodes on the fire


A pendulum is any type of a weighted object attached to a string or a chain. Sit down in a comfortable position. Hold the pendulum by the string a few inches away from your body.
Next, keeping the hand holding the string perfectly still, say to the pendulum, "show me yes". If it works, you will see the weight move, either in a circular motion or back and forth. Now ask the pendulum, "show me no". It should show the opposite. So, if using a circular movement, it should move either clockwise or anti-clockwise. The other method, it should move back and forth or side to side.
Once you have seen what "yes" and "no" look like to you (it can vary from person to person), you can start asking simple questions to check that it works
The pendulum can be used to answer "yes" or "no" questions. If you ask a question and the pendulum doesn't respond, rephrase the question or ask again at another time.
Once you have some experience with the pendulum, it is possible to find out information for someone else if you know the person quite well. This is important because you are tapping into your own resources to find answers for the other person.


The Hag Stone is a stone with a hole through it, which is believed to ward off witches and the 'evil eye'.
Putting one in the stable will stop the hag from stealing your horses for a joyride and returning them in the morning exhausted, which was thought to occur often in older times. Even normal stones or pebbles scattered around the entrance to a house has been thought to prevent a witch from entering.
It is also customary for some people to carry these stones around in their pockets as key-fobs or tied to a length of cord and hung around their neck, both to protect themselves against the effects of the evil eye and to generally safeguard their owner's luck.
At night the hag stones should be hung on bed-posts to keep away the demons such as the Night Hag, Nightmare or Succubus who would invisibly seek out their sleeping victims.
Dorset fisherman have also adopted the Hag Stone as a protective charm against malevolent witchcraft, hanging them from the bows of their boats.